Industrial Water Heating Systems Portfolio


The customer uses 28,000 gallons of hot water at 153° F for plant wash down, laundry, domestic and other needs. When they started looking for a new solution these needs were being met by a 4.5 Million BTU water tube boiler fed with water preheated by reclaimed heat from compressor cooler water.

The water tube boiler was in need of repair or replacement and the thermal efficiencies were in the order of 40-50%, providing a significant opportunity for energy savings.


  • To find the most cost effective solution to repairing or replacing the existing steam boiler
  • Perform an in depth analysis of all factors


A number of options were considered to replace the steam boiler, including a new high efficiency steam boiler and a Direct Contact Water Heater.

It was determined that up to 6000 gallons of hot water could be provided by the existing heat reclaim solution and, so the remaining 22000 gallons per day would need to be provided by the new solution. Enbridge along with ProTherm staff were brought in to analyze the cost/benefits of other alternatives. After reviewing the data, it was clear that the QuikWater Direct Contact Water Heater was clearly the most cost effective option.

It was shown that the QuikWater heater reduced energy costs by $45,260 annually compared to  high efficiency steam boiler and $145,000 compared to the existing boiler

The ROI payback of installing Direct Contact Water Heat compared to steam was less than 1 year.