When machinery fails, it may carry serious implications for an organization’s ability to maintain a sustainable workflow. Production inefficiencies lead to lost profits, frustrated employees and customers, and damage to machines and parts.

Mechanical systems with boilers, ovens, or any other heating and cooling functions are especially subject to wear over time. Constant operation of this type of machinery takes a toll on some system features. 

At ProTherm, we help our clients avoid the expensive and potentially dangerous operational interruptions that result from equipment failure. Whether you run a hospital, hotel, food manufacturing facility, or an industrial plant, continuous operation should always be your primary goal. 

Breakdowns and other interruptions can result in significant expenses, such as:

  • Machinery replacement costs
  • Machinery repair costs
  • Healthcare and litigation costs from employee injuries
  • Lost production time, late/missed deliveries


ProTherm’s Commitment to Safety and Service

ProTherm’s expertise in all facets of process combustion and HVAC systems ensures that we can identify and address any repair or maintenance problem. We combine our extensive knowledge of heating and cooling equipment with our internal safety culture, ensuring that all inspections and repairs are conducted in the safest possible manner. Each system we work with meets all ESA and TSSA regulation requirements.

We always strive to exceed expectations on every project. The following quote from one of our customers exemplifies our dedication to superior service:

“I can’t pinpoint a time when their technicians didn’t go above and beyond the call of duty. They consistently stay on the job until we are satisfied, and they always leave the job site clean and safe.” – Director of Plant Operations, Critical Healthcare Centre


Our Capabilities

The ProTherm team is well-equipped to service even the most unique thermal system setups. Our customers regularly turn to us for critical projects because we can service any equipment size and have no upper temperature limits.


Technicians and Expertise

Our technicians work aggressively to meet or exceed the expectations of each customer. They can assist with processes such as:

  • Calibration. Our technicians ensure that machinery is properly calibrated and ready for work.
  • Maintenance. The ProTherm team often performs regular maintenance for our customers to ensure product conformity and system reliability.
  • Upgrades. Our experts help customers identify opportunities for upgrades to control systems, fuel handling equipment (gas valves, etc.), and burners. We can often provide multiple upgrade options and make recommendations based on our expertise with unique systems. 
  • Installation. The highly trained technicians from ProTherm can install any upgrades or new system components.

Each technician has experience working with burners and controls and is highly certified in areas such as Gas Fitters, hazardous locations, forklifts, working at heights, confined space and more. We also partner closely with major manufacturers to glean expertise as needed. 


Why Work With ProTherm?

At ProTherm, our capabilities and resources give us the ability to service a wide array of furnaces, ovens, boilers and HVAC systems. Some of the equipment we’ve worked with includes bakery ovens, paint lines, aluminum melting, roto molding, and incineration. Our humble beginnings in 1984 have culminated in several decades of experience and knowledge.

While we specialize in natural gas- and propane-fueled elements, we can work with a number of other system types as well. Our team offers 24/7 services, quick response times, and genuine human responses to customer queries. Interested in partnering with us for your next project? Contact us today to find out more about our unique abilities.