Food & BeveragePrecision hot air convection baking has been proven to both boost productivity and ensure the production of high-quality baked goods. However, many food processing companies find that this equipment requires regular servicing and refurbishment to achieve peak productivity. 

At ProTherm, our refurbishment services allow these companies to maintain steady productivity levels. We have extensive experience in servicing large commercial and industrial processing equipment—including food processing ovens—for baking and other food production facilities. Our food and beverage industry customers range from cookie, cracker, pastry, bagel and biscuit manufacturers to meat and poultry processors to pet food manufacturers and more.


Our Servicing Capabilities

We service an extensive range of food and beverage processing equipment, including:

  • Bakery ovens. We have experience servicing bakery ovens that are up to 200 feet long, have more than 100 burners, and/or have temperatures capacities up to 500 degrees. Some of the typical bakery ovens we work with include pizza, pita, bagel, cake, and pastry ovens. 
  • Meat and poultry processing equipment. The meat and poultry processing equipment we service includes fryers, ovens, char markers and washdown hot water equipment.
  • Fryers and ovens. We service general-purpose fryers and ovens that are up to 30 feet long. These processing systems typically feature a conveyor that runs through hot oil and a variety of burners and control components.
  • Smokehouse equipment. We service a variety of smokehouse equipment that incorporates process combustion elements. 
  • Distillery equipment. We offer servicing capabilities for distillation boilers. 
  • Pet food ovens. For pet food manufacturers, we service baking ovens. 
  • Roasters. The roasting equipment we service are used to produce a wide range of food and beverage products, including coffee beans, chocolate nuts, and peanut butter.


In addition to the equipment mentioned above, our expert team has the skills and knowledge to service virtually every other type of food processing oven. From new system installation to ongoing maintenance of existing systems, our team works to ensure that your processing facility complies with all applicable standards and operates at peak performance.

We accomplish these goals for our customers in a variety of ways, but one constant always remains: our devotion to excellent customer service. If you require a partner to service your food and beverage equipment, contact our team or request a quote today.