Industrial Hot Water & BoilersIndustrial boilers and direct contact water heaters apply heat energy to water to create hot water and steam for a wide range of industrial applications. Generally boilers are used to generate low to medium pressure steam, while direct contact water heaters produce hot water to 190 degree F. Both devices require an energy source—typically fossil fuels, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, or oil—to heat the water and generate steam. 

As these devices are often critical to industrial operations, ensuring they are properly installed and serviced is essential for optimal productivity and safety. At ProTherm, our expert team has the skills and knowledge to install and maintain boilers and direct contact water heaters for virtually any application. 


Hot Water and Steam Applications

To produce the hot water and steam necessary for their operations, industry professionals employ boilers and direct contact water heaters. Some of the more common applications include:


Industrial Laundry

Steam is an ideal choice for cleaning and sterilizing large quantities of fabric items quickly. The steam facilitates the removal of stains and elimination of contaminants, as well as serves as an activator for some laundry chemicals (e.g., chlorine bleach). 

Typical uses include the cleaning and sterilization of:

  • Bed linens
  • Uniforms
  • Clothing rentals
  • Hospital scrubs



Steam and hot water are also effective for the sterilization of hard surfaces as the high temperature kills microorganisms. Facilities that use steam and hot water for hard-surface sterilization include:

  • Food processing plants
  • General industrial areas that require the washdown of equipment, counters, floors, facility, etc.


Industrial Water Heating

Heated water is used in a wide range of industrial operations—including mixing, curing, and cleaning—to facilitate product manufacturing and the maintenance of a sterile manufacturing environment. Some examples of facilities that employ heated water include:

  • Concrete plants
  • Gypsum plants
  • Bottle washing facilities
  • High-volume facilities, such as hospitals and hotels
  • Truck and car washes
  • Food plant washdown


As outlined above, hot water and steam are used throughout industry for a variety of applications. For assistance with designing, installing, and maintaining industrial boilers and direct contact water heaters, contact our team or request a quote today.