The company’s facility recycles waste paper and card board for reuse. The facility is over 30 years old. The existing main office 30 ton cooling with steam heating coil required repairing or replacing. The building uses no Natural Gas and purchases its steam for their manufacturing process and heating requirements from a nearby waste burning facility.



The customer had been given three (3) different options, upgrading the existing system by adding new components, repairing the system or replacing.

ProTherm performed a thorough survey of the main office, cafeteria and change room which are serviced by this equipment. Upon completion of the survey we determined a new 30 ton A/C unit, roof mounted with auxiliary electric two staged heating for backup would be their best option. This option was chosen based on numerous findings such as building construction, windows, sun exposure, office layout and occupancy.

The existing roof curb remain and was modified to suit the new 30 ton unit. The new unit was modified to accept the customer’s existing steam heating coil. The control systems were also modified in order to allow for easy switch over between steam and electric backup heat.

Installation involved disconnecting of the existing old unit and removing it utilizing an 85 ton crane. The old unit was too large to transport in one piece therefore had to be cut into small pieces and taken the metal recycling facility nearby.



The new system was started. All worked well and continues to. This was the first summer this new client had without any problem in over 6 years.

ProTherm has now become their go-to contractor for all their HVAC needs.