Sulco is a manufacturer of Sulphur-based products. Once every calendar year following plant shut down a preheat burner must be installed and used for 8 – 10 hours before the process switches to burning Sulphur. The primary fuel is liquid Sulphur but the system must be preheated before the Sulphur can be used as a fuel.

The customer had an existing process not approved by TSSA.



The existing equipment could not be modified to accommodate a standard oil or gas burner. The air for combustion could not use ambient room air due to moisture, only dry air produced as part of their process could be used.

  • The pressure in the firing chamber varied from +0.5” WC to +7.0” WC
  • The preheat burner had to be portable enough for two men to install and remove the burner within 15 minutes
  • The new preheat system had to have a firing capacity of 8,000,000 BTUH
  • The new preheat system had to be TSSA field approved by meeting all Ontario Fuels Safety Code regulations



Following extensive testing Natural Gas was chosen as the fuel to be used. A complete control system and valve train was designed and manufactured.

A specialized gas fired ignitor was used, using direct spark ignition to light off at 8,000,000 BTUH. Primary air for the burner is by way of a regenerative blower with the air coming from the main dry air plant supply fan.

The customer can now have his maintenance personnel install, start and remove the burner, due to the design of the system.